A Love of Handcrafted Wine

And Elegant Flavours


An ancient terroir shared with the famous Robertson wine valley, the innovation and craftsmanship of a legendary boutique winemaker, and the decades long passion of a Swiss chef; each bottle of Mimosa Wines has a heritage that goes far beyond their vintage.

Wine maker Lourens van der Westhuizen and wine lover Bernhard Hess took their flavour inspiration from the contrast between the complexity and simple elegance of the mimosa flower.

Each wine, from the delicate bubbles of the Reserve Blanc de Blanc Brut to the rich and earthy flavours of the Shiraz, use classic and modern winemaking styles and techniques to create wines of unmistakable quality, character and drinkability.

Tasting Room

Join us for a guided tasting session through the Mimosa Wines library. A choice of wine tasting includes exclusive reserve wine tasting and a chef-suggested pairing option for a true BluVines Experience.