The BluVines Story

A Story of Community

Under the leadership of Helen Gooderson, the BluVines story is a love of community, responsible job creation and social development while providing excellent dining and fine wines in beautiful surroundings.

With a lifetime of travel at the centre of a big-name hospitality company, Richard Weilers knows what’s needed to create a sense of place, a warm welcome and the importance of the right environment for your glass of red or your morning cortado.

Keeping community at its core, BluVines is as much a collaboration as it is one person’s vision. So, when you admire the curve of the wine-library in the Tasting Room, you can thank Montagu-local Clive for that, or when you run your hands through the rosemary outside, know that Fritz a Karoo farmer helped plant those, and when you taste the fresh citrus of the Chardonnay or a mouthful of halloumi and Hanepoot jam it’s wine expert Bernhard Hess who paired them perfectly.

Of all the collaborations, one has a particularly special place in the BluVines story. Joining forces with local non-profit the Rural Arts Development Foundation (RAD) BluVines is able to have a direct impact in the lives of young locals through training, skill-sharing and supporting artistic talent. BluVines allows our RAD alumni the opportunity to share their passion for music and performing arts and drive their own economic empowerment.