A Love of Community Building

Skill Sharing & Musical Expression

Job training, skill sharing, culturally diverse entertainment, hometown pride, and industry creating might seem like lofty goals, but the RAD Foundation and the BluVines Vision Fund believe it all begins with individuals and small-town communities like Montagu.

Forming part of the restaurant team are alumni from the Rural Arts Development Foundation, a Montagu-based registered non-profit organization that introduces all forms of visual and performing arts to rural youth to inspire, engage and educate the children of the community. Through training and economically empowering young men and women and supporting the RAD Foundation, BluVines not only ensures a high level of service to customers, but also an opportunity for cultural and musical expression in the restaurant itself.

How You Help

Of the 10% service charge added to your bill, 6% is divided equally amongst all the staff and 4% is donated to the RAD Foundation’s BluVines Vision Fund. This enables the Foundation to assist community youth to achieve their visual and performing arts goals. Every BluVines customer makes a meaningful contribution to the individuals in the team, and to the RAD Foundation’s projects.