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BluVines District



Experience our city-escape destination built around boutique award-winning wine, barista coffee-craft and local culinary creativity with a village soul. BluVines restaurant in Montagu indulges the tastebuds and gives back to the community.

In a mountain-surrounded setting at the heart of the world’s longest wine route,  BluVines District combines the charm of a heritage farmstead with global-inspiration everywhere from New York’s 5th Avenue to Paris’ 5th arrondissement.

Wine, food and coffee at BluVines in Montagu are connected through a singular love of great produce and delicious flavours. The menu at our Montagu eatery has something for everyone whether you prefer gourmet burgers or a garden-fresh salad.

Mimosa Wines are the perfect dining companion with their boutique approach to winemaking and beautiful flavours captured from our region’s distinct terroir. And with coffee provided by Cape Town’s world-famous artisanal coffee producers, Truth Coffee, it’s the perfect café stop-off on Route 62.


Warm Atmosphere


Richard Weilers

Richard Weilers was big on dreaming and aside from BluVines District he did so much to realise many aspirations throughout his career in hospitality. This was always the case, never business as usual but rather business usual. Richard was able to look past the craziness of a situation and embrace all ideas and suggestions. He believed in people like the employees at BluVines, unlikely participants just moving away from the stereotypes. There are many lessons to take from Richard’s life that can add value in many situations, it’s about dreaming big, being humble and creating environments conducive to personal growth for all. Those were the things he did so well. BluVines continues to thrive as Richard’s dream lives on in Montagu through the support of the local community and domestic and international visitors alike. Richard F. Weilers 11.09.1951-30.11.2023

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